Radiona FPGA Meetup

Radiona FPGA Meetup is set to take place on Tuesday, 4th of October at 8pm in Radiona. The event is officially in English language due to international visitors.


The Meetup is an environment where FPGA enthusiasts connect and share their experience and expertise. Or some to get to know this technology or community for the first time.

Goran Mahovlić will present the latest FPGA board ULX3M and its possibilities, as well as the previous iterations of the ULX3S boards.

The idea is simple: come and share your knowledge, ideas and experience with enthusiasts from the electronics world.


We debate about electronics; circuit board design, firmware programming, prototyping, electronic device manufacturing, mechanical assembly, 3D printing / scanning, testing, verification and more.

In order to know how many of you wants to come, please fill in the short submission form:

The entrance is free.