MMessy Oscillators

MMessy Oscillators (MMO) is a band that performs experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music. The band so far had a number of well-received appearances at music and art festivals, concert venues and art galleries in Croatia and abroad, always in different line-ups because of numerous members involved.

Photo Damir Žižić (c), Izlog suvremenog zvuka / Showroom of Contemporary Sound, 2016

MMessy Oscillators mostly use DIY electronic instruments like theremin, oscillators, DIY modular synthesizers, effects, guitar pedals, piezoelectric sensors, BIO instruments based on living systems, touchtone, vintage electronic instruments, circuit bent toys, hacked gadgets, computer trash, etc.

Photo: Nataša Dot Mušević (cc), Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Rijeka, 2016

The band also does soundtracks for dance performances, sound installations and diverse workshops for DIY music instruments and sounds in the areas of experimental electronics, electro-acoustics and acoustic sounds with emphasis on citizen participation, story-telling and working with people with intellectual and physical disabilities/challenges.

Photo: unknown, Music Tech Fest, Ljubljana, 2016

The band was formed in 2012 and it was in the first set-up a group of 15 people. During the years MMessy changed many line-ups consisted of visual and media artists, designers, DIY enthusiasts, DJs and musicians.

In 2015 MMO switched from sound exclusively to music willing to explore more the structure of the composition, as well as decreasing the number of band members. In past years the band created several soundtracks and scores for film and dance performances and workshops.

Band members as of 2016 are Ana Horvat, Deborah Hustić, Layla Munitić

Most notable performances include Device_art 4.012 in Zagreb, 4.013 in Prague, Izlog suvremenog zvuka / Showroom of Contemporary Sound in 2013, 2014 and 2016, Music Tech Fest / EarZoom Sonic Arts Festival 2017 in Ljubljana.

Past members (2016 > 2012): Boris Vidošević, Igor Petrović, Dina Jokanović, Tin Dožić, Vana Gaćina, Ana Dumbović, Želimir Schauer, Gjino Šutić, Marina Petrović, Ivo Korečić, Andro Giunio, Ivan Jovanovac, Ksenija Ladić, Matija Vojvodić.
VJ-ing: Tanja Minarik (2012-2016), Dražen Hižak (2016).