Marking Hardware Freedom Day

This year on 15 March we are marking for the first time in Croatia International Hardware Freedom Day. The idea came out by our lab member Goran Mahovlic when we started planning his workshop ‘Hard-ware lab’ which is set to take place on 15 and 16 March in our lab.


The whole idea is set up as an open electronic laboratory that will give an opportunity to participants to hack different devices and hardware parts in order to connect them with microcontrollers, sensors, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Hacking toys with remote controller, radio, GPS, LCD for discarded devices, turntables, keyboards, amplifiers, microcontrollers, cameras, gaming consoles, computer parts, walkmans, discmans, devices with sensors by using tools and multimeters, oscilloscopes, logical analyzers, PICKIT3, USBASP, USBISP, Arduino (I2C , UART, LCD sniffer), Raspberry Pi, GQ-4X Willem programer, etc.

Goran Mahovlic works for years as IT and banking equipment service electrician. He can hardly suppress his need to dismantle nearly every device he puts his hands on. Mahovlic deals equally with hardware and software from hacking Chinese electronic products, re-making and re-adapting discarded devices to seriously playing with technology and programming microcontrollers.

Recently he jointed Radiona where he’s in charge for complex electronic tasks and is appointed as a technical leader of our subgroup for restoration and electronic makeover of Dr Boehm 2000 Professional organs. He’s one of co-founders and contributor of web portal (title: soldering iron):

Hack all you can!