FPGA ULX3S board circulated at Hackaday Supercon in Pasadena (US)

FPGA ULX3S board was circulated at the Hackaday Supercon Conference in Pasadena (California -USA) last week by the gojimmypi Twitter user, who is a senior software engineer and hardware geek from United States being a member of the Radiona’s FPGA ULX3S team from the other side of the planet.

Photo: Sophi Kravitz from Hackaday with her ULX3S PCB gojimmypi (cc)

Radiona community is extremelly thankfull to our lab member from USA for all the activities he’s been doing on conferences and via his blog for ULX3S. You can follow his blog here: https://gojimmypi.blogspot.com/

We believe gojimmypi will soon visit our lab in Zagreb.

Thanks to all FPGA community too!