Workshop Nature Data – Creative IoT @ Ars Electronica 2021

Radiona’s workshop ‘Nature Data – Creative IoT’ by Goran Mahovlić is set to take place on Thursday, 9th of September on our Youtube channel starting at 5pm. After one hour you can join Goran on Radiona’s Discord channel from 6-7pm for questions.

Nature Data – Creative IoT is an online workshop that deals with creating a script for the interface which is based on the environmental data with an aim to create a computer-generated image from natural resources. As the data is based on the curves, shapes and geographical structures of rivers and lakes from the Open Street Maps, we are never sure what kind of data visualisation or image it might create.

Radiona Discord:

Facilitator: Goran Mahovlić
Video editing: Paula Bučar
Medium: Radiona Youtube channel