Vector Hack 2018 – first announcement

The first edition of the international festival of experimental vector graphics entitled Vector Hack is set to take place from 1 to 7 October in Zagreb and Ljubljana. The festival curated by Ivan Marušić Klif and Derek Holzer with assistance from Chris King brings together artists, academics, hackers and performers. Vector Hack festival is an artist lead initiative organised with support from / Zagreb Makerspace as a collaborative international project alongside Ljubljana’s Ljudmila Media Lab and Zavod Projekt Atol.

Vector Hack will allow artists creating experimental audio-visual work for oscilloscopes and lasers to share ideas and develop their work together alongside a program of open workshops, talks and performances aimed at allowing young people and a wider audience to learn more about creating their own vector based audio-visual works.

We have gathered a group of nineteen participants all working in the field from a diverse range of locations including the EU, USA and Canada. Each participant brings a unique approach to this exiting field and it will be a rare chance to see all their works together in a single program.

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