Damir Prizmić – maker-in-resident in Norway

Designer and Radiona lab member Damir Prizmić is partaking a maker-in-residence program in Trondheim (Norway) between 13 and 25 of August 2018 organized by Museums of the South Troendelag (MiST). The maker-in-residence is part of the international project Making Museum, successor of Creative Museum project with the same partners, both supported by Erasmus+.

Damir Prizmić will work during the maker-in-residence in Trondheim Maritime Museum and Science Centre Trondheim. He will also partake at the Trondheim Maker Faire and make a study visit to Hackheim – Trondheim hackerspace.

Damir Prizmić is a freelance designer and maker working in wider area of disciplines such as visual communication design, exhibition design, interactive installations, product design and art. He is also active in the field of education and promotion of open-source culture. He is a member of Croatian Designers Society, Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association and a co-founder and vice president of Radiona.org – Zagreb Makerspace and the association for the development of DIY culture founded in order to enhance the visibility of hackers/makers culture and self sustainable production, as well as with an aim of connecting fields of art, science and technology. He regularly exhibits and leads workshops in Croatia and abroad.