New project with SAMA in Amsterdam has started a new project with Street Art Museum Amsterdam – SAMA in 2020. The project is titled Innovative Art Practices: Building Urban Communities and is supported as a mobility grant by Kultura nova Foundation from Croatia.

Photo: SAMA (c)

The mobility support was granted to Deborah Hustić for three working meetings/trainings and a dissemination event at SAMA in Amsterdam during January, March and May 2020.

A short summary of the project:
A collaborative project between Radiona and the SAMA Street Museum in Amsterdam addresses innovative practices and stratification of excluded citizens who do not have access to new artistic and intermediate practices: digital culture, hybrid art, maker and DIY / DIWO culture. During the project, project partners will design a new project that they want to launch in 2020 and early 2021 with the aim of mobilizing resources in the Netherlands, Croatia and the EU. The reported project “Innovative Art Practices: Building Urban Communities” includes three meetings between project managers Anne Stolyarova, director of the Amsterdam Street Art Museum and her team, and Deborah Hustić, director of Radiona – Zagreb Makerspace, to launch a new project that might involve diverse artist and stakeholders from Croatia, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Morocco.

Kultura nova Foundation Committee for Quality Assessment of Applications argumentation of the application

Innovative Art Practices: Building Urban Communities, (138-204-PP2-19-a-9-2019 / DO-2019-3) 

The application, from the total score of 105 points based on all the criteria,  has scored 87.62%.

The committee has made the following statement for the application: On the basis of a clearly written, comprehensive and complete application form, as well as a high level of involvement in the applicant’s past work, the Committee for Quality Assessment of Applications concluded that this is a very innovative and well-conceived project. 

In this respect, the applicant clearly positions its organisation in relation to the selected priorities and in this context brings a clear elaboration and convincingly shows how they intersect with organizational and project activities, unambiguously contributing to contemporary art, development of creativity and innovative practices, but also to creation of cohesion and involvement of local and excluded communities. 

The applicant (Radiona) has many years of experience in implementing such programs, which, taking into account the already partaking associations and organizations from previous projects, now with SAMA as a selected partner, guarantees the successful implementation of the proposed project. In this sense, the Committee also emphasizes the bottom-up approach that both organizations nurture, but also the value of networking in order to share experiences in the field of social engagement and to develop hybrid, new media and intermedia arts. The Committee found that this was a very important project for the development of contemporary culture and art, as well as alleviating social fragmentation, stigmatization and socio-spatial and socio-cultural exclusion. Therefore, on the basis of the total of points and the percentage achieved, this project was proposed for grants under the Call 2019 Support Program for International Collaboration by Kultura nova Foundation.

The first meeting and networking took place from 27th to 31st of January at SAMA in Amsterdam.