Ljubljana Hardware Meetup

Goran Mahovlić, tech expert and coordinator from Radiona – Zagreb Makerspace took part at the Ljubljana Hardware Meetup on 10th of February 2020. He gave a lecture on Radiona’s ULX3S FPGA board.

Photo: LJHW (cc) 2020

Ljubljana Hardware Meetup is an environment where HW enthusiasts connect and share their experience and expertise.

The idea is simple: come and share your knowledge, ideas and experience with enthusiasts from the electronics world.

We debate about electronics; circuit board design, firmware programming, prototyping, electronic device manufacturing, mechanical assembly, 3D printing / scanning, testing, verification and more.

The General sponsor of the Ljubljana Hardware Meetup Group is Visionect d.o.o.

Useful links:
Gdrive with PPT material (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IWiYYk9q19dwBtr21KRFm7Eqo43llMBz)