Artist-in-residence: Yuri Landman

Dutch media artist musician and innovation Yuri Landman will take part at the Radiona’r A-I-R (artist-in-residence) program developed within the Feral Labs project. The residence is set to take place in the township of Fužine during Electric Wonderland camp from the same framework.

Photo: Prepared guitar (c)

During the residence Landman will work on the installation Electric Spiderweb based on the sonification experiments with motors, strings and motion.

Yuri Landman (1973) is a Dutch inventor of musical instruments and musician who has made several experimental electric string instruments for a number of artists including Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Liars, Jad Fair of Half Japanese, Liam Finn, and Laura-Mary Carter.

In the past  years he has given over 100 DIY-instrument building workshops in Europe and the US at music festivals, music academies, art academies, concert venues and art spaces. In 2012 Yuri Landman and Bart Hopkin published Nice Noise, a book about string preparations and extended techniques for guitar. In the same year he started his band Bismuth with Arnold van de Velde followed by an album in 2014 Bismuth.