Artist-in-residence: Guima San from GypsyLab8

Brasilian researcher, hacker and gambiologist Guima Sam from GypsyLab8 based in Sao Paolo will be taking part at Radiona’s artist-in-residence in Fužine (during Electric Wonderland camp) and Zagreb during September 2019.

Guima San is a researcher and developer of open technologies at GypsyLab8. He is an enthusiast of open-citizen science movements, free software and hardware. He develops cyborg, neuroscience, monitoring and ecological mapping, DIY/DIWO, biohacking and plant electrophysiology projects through open physical computing.  Guima San is involved in hardware as gambiologist. Gambiologia is the the Brazilian art and science of kludging

During his residence entitled OM [OpenMatrix] he will work on open physical computing experience using a brainwave, heart and neuromuscular signal sensor to control audiovisual effects and small electroacoustic objects in the environment.