– residential lab in G-MK

‘Alternating current’ – residential lab in G-MK

Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture – / Zagreb Makerspace is being appointed as a residential lab as of 28 October, 2014  in Zagreb based gallery G-MK bringing intermedia arts to this internationally renowned gallery for contemporary art.


Residential lab by G-MK and Radiona titled ‘Alternating current’ will take place in lab’s usual working hours, Tuesdays, 20h and Saturdays, 18h onwards within the following groups: Robotics and hacking, advanced audio section, Processing (interaction design), BIOsection, 3D printing, wearable technology and eTextiles, Balkan rocketry and flying objects, microcontrollers and hands-on electronics, DIY print and design, FPGA, advanced programming, DIY prosthetic, and a variety of educational programs specifically designed for beginners, kids, youth and seniors.

The curatorial teams of G-MK and Radiona will also work on special programs which are connecting fields of contemporary art, intermedia and innovative technological practices. is currently conducting a research phase of the project Amplitude of Image and Sound supported by Kultura nova Foundation, and will soon go in public with their first DIY kit – open source synthesizer / theremin powered by the ATmega microcontroller which is jointly designed by artists, designers and technologists, and as a part of the research the lab will organize a workshop for the wider audience. In addition, is also in the middle of the lab’s yearly educational program with domestic and international master class workshops, and is taking preparations for the exhibition Sound Hybrids – Creative Sonology.

After 4 years of work in the Student Center in Zagreb the lab continues its activities in collaboration with new partners, thus giving a new dimension to intersectoral collaboration between public and non-governmental institutions. In fact, a part of the program will also be made in cooperation with the Technical Museum and the Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth – Pogon, while the practical assistance is also provided by Domino, and would like to thank to all these institutions and individuals who have supported the organization, and to Culture of Change – the host of the lab from June 2011 to October 2014.