Jari Suominen – maker-in-residence @ Radiona.org

Finnish maker and intermedia artist Jari Suominen has been selected for the maker-in-residence program at Radiona.org within The Creative Museum international project. We were truly impressed with the number of Finland makers, artists and hackers interested in coming to our lab, so we decided that despite the limited number of residence entries we want to include all residence applicants in our program meaning we will start a Finland based thematic scope in Radiona in the following year according to our opportunities. All participants from Finland and UK who applied for a residence in our lab were simply amazing. We just got the best feedback for our work ever. Thank you all! We were extremely delighted and honored you all find our lab a place you would like to work for some time.

Jari-Suominen,-1Photo by Halldór Úlfarsson (c)

Mr Jari Suominen had truly a strong competition in this call and it was not easy for our Board to select applicants but we decided to select a proposal that was consisted of audio elements, heritage approach towards technology (presenting Finnish synthesizer heritage), DIY & DIWO hacking concepts and respect for obsolete and vintage technology, as well as understanding of art concepts in intermedia disciplines.

The residence will take place in the second part of 2016 and Suominen will be included in all Radiona’s current projects he will find interesting under no pressure, beside having a space for 10 days fully for himself. He will also visit Technical Museum ‘Nikola Tesla’ in Zagreb in order to make a research, give a workshop to Croatian audience, travel and  play with us if there will be some travelling exhibition and present to Croatian audience his research on Finish synthesizer heritage.

Jari-SuominenPhoto by Halldór Úlfarsson (c)

A musician, a new media artist and a researcher, Jari Suominen (b. 1979) lives and works in Turku, Finland. He has received MA in new media from Aalto University, Helsinki. Currently he is active member of electronic psych group Shogun Kunitoki, psychedelic power duo Jarse, folk rock sextet Kiila, and art lollective Anna Breu. Besides his work as musician he has been creating, designing and building installations, electronic gadgets and software himself and to (/with) others. He is most comfortable exploring themes of minimalism, psychedelia and naive misuse of technology in different contexts. He is also doing research on Finnish electronic arts pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi and his work.

Website (limited selection): www.tasankokaiku.com/jarisuominen
Website of artist collective: www.annabreu.eu
Website of projects together with Swizz artist Samy Kramer: www.exctr.net
Facebook page of DIMI is Reborn project which is about resurrecting a ancient synthesizer by Finnish innovator Erkki Kurenniemi: https://www.facebook.com/dimiisreborn/