Goran Mahovlić’s workshop @ CEuSYP 2015

Workshop ‘Making of Radiona’s donation box’ by Goran Mahovlić is set to take place on 9 May within the Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress at the Faculty for Computing (FER) in Zagreb.


Saturday, 11:00 – 12:30, A302

Donation box is an open source project developed with the aim of studying the toll systems and their use in DIY and DIWO projects. After the donation box prototype was made, a workshop was held where participants learned how donation box works and they made first Radiona’s donation box.

On this workshop participants will make second donation box that will be used on presentations in which Radiona exibit their projects and in ther lab.

Donation box consists of box, Raspberry Pi computer, SD Card, two switches and coin mechanism. Switches change the image on the screen showing a specific organization, project or something else for what you want to donate money. By inserting coins, coin mechanism generates impulses that Raspberry Pi sums up and enters into database.

Donation box’s computer code is written in Python programming language and Pygame is used for displaying of image. Every 5 minutes the database is updated and accessible on internet so everybody involved in donations can track the status of money in projects.

For easier creation of image and easier tracking of donation boxes the plan is to build Nodewatcher module (wlan slovenia open source network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform).

In it, the users can generate their own image for Raspberry and easily track data from their donation box through only few steps.

Goran Mahovlić (professional electrician) has been working for years as informatic and banking equipment repairer. He hardly refrain from not disassembling every device that comes in his hands. He is equally successful with hardware and software, from hacking into chinese products and conversion of various discarded devices to serious playing with technology and programming microcontrollers.

He is a member of Association for development of „Do It Yourself“ culture – Radiona/Zagreb Markerspace, where beside working on advanced electronics, he is technical leader of group for restoring and electronical makeover Dr. Böhm Professional 2000 organs. Till now he has kept series of successful workshops, he regulary participate in exhibitions and in Radiona’s projects: Weird Science – Powered by Radiona, Electronical constellations, SoundArt Incubator 2014, Hot solder – Hackathlon Osijek, Sound hybrids – Creative sonology, Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2014. He is one of the founders of protal Lemilica.com for which he is also a writer : www.lemilica.com/author/goran

(Source: http://www.ceusyp2015.org/workshop1.html)