Radiona @ Gamified Conference for Makers, Museums and Independent Minds in Helsinki is taking part at the event titled ‘Gamified Conference for Makers, Museums and Independent Minds’ which is set to take place on 2 June at  the Theatre Museum and Finnish Museum of Photography within the international project Creative Museum. Radiona is presented by Deborah Hustić and Marina Petrović.


Based on the Creative practice analysis produced in April 2016, The Creative Museum project proudly presents a conference aiming to make connections between museums and makers.

The conference consists of series of short (20 minutes), highly focused workshops running multiple times. Participants move from workshop to workshop in an open, flexible manner.

The experience is glued together by a highly participatory, massive game in which everyone participates. The game encourages people to apply concepts to their own reality, stimulates new ideas, helps to wrap-up the day, introduces strangers to each other and open people’s minds to new experiences.

Keynote speaker for the conference is Mikko Myllykoski, the Experience Director in Science center Heureka.

See how museums and makers can work together – a new film on the Creative Museum at the MuseumNext Dublin.



12:30 Registration

Registration for workshops

1:00 Welcome, introduction and warming up
  • Welcome by event chair Jasper Visser
  • The Creative Practices analysis feedback – Cécile Marsan, Cap Sciences
  • Let’s play! Introduction to the conference game
  • Workshop facilitators present their workshop
1:45 Two rounds of workshops

Choose two 20-minute workshops from the full menu:
  • What you always dreamed of doing in a museum? Rub the magic lamp and make it!, Juliette Giraud, Museomix
  • The Magic Carpet of Technology Tales, Marianna Karttunen, Museum of Technology
  • Music robotics – Arduino based sound installation from recycled materials, Mehackit
  • Noisepencil: Drawing as a sound making synthesizer, Art & Craft School Robotti
  • Mechanical Exquisite Corpse, Matti Niinimäki, Månsteri
  • The synergy of art and mathematics in Islamic Art – a creative approach, Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe, Heritec and Jenny Siung, CBL
  • Recycling Batteries Workshop / Community Power Bank, Mikko Laajola and Justin Tyler Tate, Pixelache
2:45 Keynote Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka: Museums in the Making

Coffee and two more rounds of the game
3:30 Two rounds of workshops

Choose two 20-minute workshops from the full menu (above).
4:30 Wrap up and cooling down
  • Final rounds of the game
  • Recommendations for the creative museum, Jo-Anne Sunderland-Bowe, Heritec
  • Concluding remarks by chair Jasper Visser