Creative Museum A/C/T/S Conference 2017 – Zagreb

Creative Museum project and as organizers invite all interested museum people, curators, cultural operators, producers, workshop facilitators and innovators to join the International A/C/T/S Conference 2017 which is set to take place at a partner venue for this event – Technical Museum Nikola Tesla on 2nd of March.

Creative Museum A/C/T/S Conference is an international conference that will present innovative intermedia practices combined with museum and cultural sector regarding audience engagement and development, informal education which includes the international rise of the DIY and maker / hacker culture, as well as interdisciplinary and inclusive approaches to museums, galleries, cultural centers, organizations, public institutions, entrepreneurs, cooperative ventures and such. The title A/C/T/S comprises the words Art / Culture / Technology / Science and in English it also means to take action, to react, to go ahead, initiative, manoeuvre, effort, achievement.

Creative Museum A/C/T/S Conference is divided into two parts: the morning sessions with presentations and panels, while in the afternoon there are 8 hands-on workshops from high-tech to low-tech in order to present maker culture to the cultural sector.

Submissions are closed
All the participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance to the Creative Museum A/C/T/S Conference 2017 at the end of the conference.
Refreshments, coffee and snacks included.

Livestream will be available and announced on social networks on the day of the conference.


Creative Museum A/C/T/S Conference 2017 – Zagreb
Date: 2 March, 2017

Venue: Technical Museum Nikola Tesla (TM)

  •    9:30 Registration
  • 10:15-10:30 Welcome note (Deborah Hustić –
  • 10:30-10:45 Technical Museum director’s welcome note and presentation of the future plans of the Museum (Markita Franulić – Technical Museum Nikola Tesla)
  • 10:45-11:00 Creative Museum presentation (Cécile Marsan – Cap Sciences)
  • 11:00-11:25 The Maker-in-Residence programme (Jenny Siung – Chester Beatty Library + Don Undeen’s insights – Boom Hi Five, ex-Metropolitan Museum)
  • 11:25 -11:45 Coffee Break
  • 11:45-12:10 Why are residencies important for museums today – panel – Don Undeen
  • 12:10-12:30 MuseoMix presentation (Juliette Giraud, Marilyne Barisic and Margot Frénéa)
  • 12:30 -12:50 Recommendations – Be Creative (Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe –  Heritec)
  • 13.00 -14:00 Lunch – catering
  • 14:00 Workshop sessions
  • 17:00 – 18:00 Social Game by

The exhibition ‘Interactive Melting Pot’ will be staged and scattered throughout the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla during the conference in order to introduce the conference participants to the selected works created in Radiona’s lab over the last five years, including the artwork from the residence programs. The exhibits will be from the fields of robotics, sound art, device_art and interaction design.
Exhibiting: Jari Suominen, Yuri Landman, Dirty Electronics, Damir Prizmić, Davor Jadrijević, Mario Pavlić, Ana Labudović, Igor Brkić, Deborah Hustić, Goran Mahovlić, Alenka Dmitrović

Workshop no. 1
Jasper Visser & Don Undeen: Design Therapy : Solving old problems with new thinking.

Bring your own problems: Design thinking to the rescue
Design thinking can help you look at old challenges with new eyes, and even to completely reframe your challenge. In this workshop, Jasper and Don will work with the problems, issues and challenges of the participants and use design thinking tools and tricks to give you a new perspective on them. Bring your own (best) problems!
Number of participants: 20-30

Workshop no. 2
The first Museomix in Zagreb! – Marilyne Barisic & Margot Frénéa

– presentation of the concept of Museomix,
– sharing experience around Museomix with organizers,
– imagine a museum in a museum in Croatia
– share ideas and cravings
– constitution of the first Museomix community in croatia.

What is Museomix?

Museomix is ​​an event initiated by a community of volunteers who partner with a partner museum. It is 3 days of creative marathon to invent, design, manufacture and test innovative digital mediation systems.

Welcome and meet other members of the community, propose actions and invent a future museomix, and especially exchange and share his ideas.

Targeting audience: Whether you are a designer, developer, museum, art, history or science enthusiast or simply curious, all good wills are welcome.
Number of participants: 15

Workshop no. 3
Eduard Vasiljević (Krapina Neanderthal Museum): Krapina Neanderthal Fashion
Time: 14:00-15:00

The participants will learn how to make clothes without modern technology and hence sew a garment inspired by prehistoric times of Krapina Early Man. The workshop is intended for primary and secondary school pupils, students and adults.

Workshop no. 4
Lorka Lončar Uvodić (Krapina Neanderthal Museum): Hominin skulls workshop
Time: 15:00-16:00
Examining replicas of famous fossil skulls belonging to graceful and robust species of Australopithecus, Homo Erectus and Neanderthals the participants of this paleoanthropological workshop will discover their basic characteristics by comparing them with a skull of the modern man and that way they will learn the basics of human evolution.
The workshop is intended for secondary school pupils, students and adults.

Workshop no. 5
Igor Brkić (Radiona) – DIY Synth
Time: 14-16
In this workshop the participants will learn how to make a simple sound-producing electronic gadget. They will also learn the basics of electronics, how to connect wires, soldering and in the end, they will be able to produce some noise with their mini synthesizer. The workshop does not require any previous knowledge of electronics.
Number of participants: 10

Workshop no. 6
Time: 15-17
Deborah Hustić (Radiona & Textil{e}tronic) – e-Textiles – electronic bracelets
The participants will learn how to make a glowing bracelet from textile materials by using special thread which conducts electricity. It can help you find something in your messy bag or unlock the door in the dark. In the workshop, they will learn the basics of electronics, what a LED diode is and how to make an electronic soft circuit. The workshop does not require any previous knowledge in electronics.
Participants: 10

Workshop no. 7
Irena Krčelić (Radiona) – A Guide How to Publish An E-Book

Time: 15-16

Description: In a short theoretical part we’ll go through the history of publishing and discuss the future of books from both, the author/publisher’s and the readers’ perspective. In the practical part of the workshop we’ll deal with the process of self-publishing. We’ll launch one unpublished picture book created during Radiona’s programs on services such as Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribid and Tolino, and devise a strategy to make this picture book easy to find for any interested audience.
Number of participants: 8

Workshop no. 8
Damir Prizmic & Hrvoje Spudić (Radiona) –  DIY VR
Time: 14-16
We will work with stereoscopy (technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth) and recent VR (virtual reality) trends like Google Cardboard. Using lenses, a few prefabricated parts and everyday materials, every participant will make their own stereoscope / VR viewer which can be adjusted to different face geometries and fit different smartphone sizes. This VR viewer is a Radiona’s open source design.
Number of participants: 10

Community Social Game
Terrible Creations
Time: 17:15-18:00

“The Ship” is a lively simulation of a sinking pirate ship. Participants need to find a way to save themselves and their precious cargo. The game aims to strenghten and deepen group cohesion and facilitate networking, while questioning mechanisms of co-operation and resource management. Participants will get an oportunity to get to know each other a little bit better and intensive shared experience will bring them closer. The game works best as an ice-breaker. Number of participants: up to 15

Duration: approx. 20 minutes

Concept for Creative Museum A/C/T/S Conference 2017 – Zagreb: Cécile Marsan, Jenny Siung, Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe
Workshop concept: Deborah Hustić & workshop leaders
Electronic Melting Pot exhibition: Deborah Hustić & Damir Prizmić

Creative Museum team in Zagreb:
Cécile Marsan
Jenny Siung
Pier Giacomo Sola
Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe
Margherita Sani
Ann Siri H. Garberg
Juliette Giraud
Noémie Lemaire
Don Undeen
Jasper Visser
Janne Tielinen
Marina Petrović
Deborah Hustić

// Pauliina Kinnanen, regular team member (6 months absence from the project because of professional specialization) //

PR: Damir Kanaet – Mala Šuma
Translator: Anita Poljak
Proofreading: Vesna Zednik
Photo & video: Miran Krčadinac
Tech support: Slave Lukarov – Supertoon Festival

Organizer: Creative Museum &
Partner: Technical Museum ‘Nikola Tesla’

THANKS: Terrible Creations, Archeological Museum Zagreb, Atelieri Žitnjak, Catering Harmony, Desk Creative Europe