Core Membranes (interactivity and interaction)

New exhibion by titled ‘Core Membranes – Interactivity and Interaction’ is on view from 19 to 22 October, 17-21hrs at Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb.

Simplicity and complexity need each other
John Maeda

Design: Ivan Prizmić a.k.a. Damir Klisurić

Exploring the analogy between computing terminology of the term the core and experiments at the edges of possible connections between software solutions and its working processes and results, the exhibition Core Membranes is dealing with different ways of recognizing and interpreting the terms such as interactivity and interaction through hybrid arts, design and open source hardware.

In order to create a balance between spontaneous and very often ‘unconscious’ explorations of interactions  characteristic for Radiona’s previous body of work, as a counterbalance the exhibition brings guest projects by young authors from the fields of interaction design and start-up culture.

For this occasion the members of Radiona lab are bringing a series of new motion sensors, muscle sensors, sensors for acceleration and orientation measurements in space via sound, haptic sensors, LED graffiti interaction, image data processing through algorithmic processes and image projection.

Tanja Minarik, Alenka Dmitrović, Ana Labudović, Deborah Hustić, Layla Munitić, Marina Petrović, Mario Pavlić, Igor Brkić, Goran Mahovlić, Jason Mulhausen, Davor Jadrijević, Igor Petrović, Damir Prizmić, Boris Vidošević

Guests: Smart Lumies (Martina Grgić & Filip Kovačić Popov), Ivan Kunjašić (UMAS)

Ivan Marušić Klif: Interactivity – “theory” and practice
Date: Tuesday, 20. 10.
Time: 20h

Curator: Deborah Hustić
Design: Ivan Prizmić a.k.a. Damir Klisurić
Photographer: Darko Vaupotić