New FPGA Board ULX3S

The new FPGA development board ULX3S, designed and manufactured in Croatia as a result of the cooperation between Radiona, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of the University of Zagreb and Končar-INEM Company has been launched. The ULX3S board was designed by Radiona member Davor Jadrijević in response to the needs for a compact, robust and affordable FPGA board equipped with a balanced spectrum of embedded additional components and expansions, while fully covering the requirements of the Digital Logic Course at FER.

The first version of ULX2S was designed by Marko Zec from FER in 2011 for the above mentioned course and joined by Davor Jadrijević in 2014 on the F32C (soft-core CPU) and FPGArduino projects, which by their size have expanded ULX2S capacities, after after which they move to development and creation of new ULX3S board.

The FPGA chip used in the ULX3S project is a Lattice Semiconductor  from the ECP5 series. This series of FPGA chips has recently being upgraded with tools for open-source synthesis of logic circuits and thanks to the project prjtrellis, it makes the ULX3S one of the most desirable platform for FPGA enthusiasts.

In addition, design of ULX3S development board is open-source hardware and is made with the KiCad tool which also open-source. In other words, it is a solution that is completely open-source.

The ULX3S is designed for the development and testing of digital circuits and systems that can be synthesized in integrated Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) modules. It is primarily developed as a teaching tool in mastering the principles of working, analysis and design of digital circuits, but because of its small dimensions and the possibility of connections with external circuits, it can also serve as a broad spectrum module for installation in complex devices.

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