Greenoteka – online portal for all green options

In 2020 we got Greenoteka under our umrella as a project that will be organically developed over some period of time. Greenoteka is an online portal for all green options – circular economy, recycling/upcycling, DIY culture, renewable energies, green management, community building, sustainable green options, climate changes, biodiversity and environmental journalism in the international context.

Greenoteka was founded in summer 2019 as a result of the Climate-KIC Pioneer into Practice program in Croatia within the group Community Building. The aim of the site was to serve as an online magazine where participants within the PiP program could publish their articles, interview and essays on the topic they have covered during the system innovation training and placements in diverse cities across the Europe. Members of the Croatian PiP Community Group 2019 were: Saša Danon, Petra Mihalić, Duška Šaša. Mentor – Climate-KIC coach: Deborah Hustić

As of 2020 Saša Danon, Duška Šaša and Deborah Hustić decided to continue with the project of Greenoteka. After reconsideration of possible options, in Spring 2020 Saša Danon and Duška Šaša decided to join Radiona – Zagreb Makerspace where Deborah Hustić works and brought together the portal to the organisation in order to continue under the umbrella of an organization.

Editor-in-Chief of the portal is Saša Danon with editorial staff Duška Šaša, Deborah Hustić and Layla Munitić.

The portal will be developed and slightly redesigned in the following months with a 3 year digital strategy.

The portal is opened for starting collaboration with diverse partners and stakeholders.