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Inclusive open-source music instruments

Flowing inspiring inclusive music workshop by Phil Heeley in Radiona, we decided to design and document set of open-source / open-hardware assistive music tools and instruments comparable to commercial options, which are due to their high price tag still not accessible to most people. We are doing it because we believe in open-source, learning-by-doing and sharing and we want to make alternatives available. We also see this also as a good way for other hacker/maker spaces to engage with local communities.

Different technologies available

Without physical contact

  • ultrasonic, IR led or laser beams for playing in space or triggering sounds
  • field sensing, change in capacitance between the performer and the instrument (Theremin like)

With physical contact

  • touch interfaces, tablet, smartphone (think about the holders)
  • pushbuttons, switches, joysticks, sensors…
  • capacitive touch interfaces

Other alternative intefaces

  • eye tracking tools
  • micro gestures
  • EEG?

Commercial options:

Tablet and smartphone apps

look for ableton link (some have, some don't)

Keyboard sampler


  • OpenDeck Platform suited both for prototyping and developing custom MIDI controllers from paradajz, Radiona member


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