Urban M: Summer at Tesla

From July to September 2021, the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla hosts program called Summer at Tesla, presenting a series of workshops for children, youth and adults. 

Summer at Tesla is a program that will launch the Makers ’Community Hub at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum. The program is consisted of STEM / STEAM workshops, workshops on sustainable development and climate change, STEM / STEAM workshops for Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts and ‘from idea to project’ tailored workshops for makers.

The summer program aims to provide for everyone who stays in Zagreb during the hot months access to innovative education in biology, robotics, electronics, design, visual and hybrid arts, mechatronics, recycling and programming.

Maybe this is an opportunity to introduce your family to renewable energy sources with LEGO bricks, play around with your DNA, learn how to install the operating system on a Raspberry Pi computer or simply program a micro: bit, create your own computer game, make your first synthesizer, electro-labyrinth or become a friend with a laser cutter or a sewing machine.

Urban M is an international Interreg project implemented by the City of Zagreb as a main partner for the Republic of Croatia since 2017. During 2021, the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla has joined the project as a partner too.

Urban M encourages the change of practices related to cooperation and fosters innovation through the makerspace culture, as well as the development of small and medium arts & crafts related businesses providing the transfer of knowledge of all stakeholders involved in the project.

The project also includes measures for the development of innovative infrastructure related to the emergence of makerspaces. As part of the project, an Action Plan for the development of maker culture was made following diverse models of practices.

The Makers` Community Hub pilot project is part of the implementation of the Urban M Project Action Plan designed with the involvement of stakeholders.

Partners: The City of Zagreb, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla
Coordinator of the pilot-project: Radiona – Zagreb Makerspace
Stakeholders in the project: Algebra, Bioteka, Gradionica, Faculty of Civil Engineering – University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts – University of Zagreb, Croatian Association of Technical Culture, Croatian Robotic Association, Impact Hub Zagreb, Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity – IRIM, ODRAZ – Sustainable community development, Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Radiona – Zagreb Makerspace, independent artist Nina Iris Bešlić, Zagreb Innovation Center – ZICER, Green Network of Activists Groups – ZMAG. 

Design: Ivan Klisurić Klis