Rewilding Cultures: Electric Wonderland 2022

WE are back! The camp developed within the framework of the project Feral Labs from 2018 to 2020 has transformed into a new project entitled Rewilding Cultures (2022 – 2025) under Creative Europe.

This time we are moving deeper to the mountains of Velebit in Croatia, to the camp synonymously entitled Kamp Velebit, colloquially called among the population ‘The Hobbit/Crobbit camp somewhere in the Velebit mountains’, half an hour by car from the coast. 

For two years we were at the Scout center Rakov Jarak in Fužine, Primorsko-Goranska County, mountainous region Gorski kotar, situated at 722 meters above sea level while being surrounded by mountains and three large artificial accumulation lakes (Bajern, Potkoš and Lepenica). Interestingly, it is also 30 minutes from the coast by car. 

Last year we felt it was time to start exploring new spaces, new environments, new geographies, new territories, NEW PEOPLE. 

At the end of 2020 we were contacted by Luka Žuženić as a reaction to Tomislav Tukša’s series of workshops on online streaming equipment and he invited us to come to his camp and start a collaboration with the Kamp Velebit.

In addition, thanks to Luka and Nikolina Žuženić, we organized a self-sustainable smaller edition of EW2021 at Kamp Velebit as a location testing and decided it is time to move a bit southern from where it used to be. With a reason. A new project supported by Creative Europe entitled Rewilding Cultures fits perfectly to the Velebit Mountain. 

Feral Labs Network is still here, but this time with a bigger number of partners. The project is coordinated by Projekt Zavod Atol (Slovenia) with partners Digital Art International – Makery (France), Helsingør Kommune – Catch (Denmark), Schmiede Hallein – Verein zur Förderung der digitalen Kultur (Austria), Bioart Society (Finland), Cultivamos Cultura – Associação Cultural (Portugal), Ionian University – IURC (Greece) and Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture – Radiona (Croatia).

Electric Wonderlanders, we will have some great camps and artists-in-residence programs till 2025.

See Y O U !

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