Radiona @ UrbanM Conference in Bratislava

Radiona has been invited from the City of Zagreb and ODRAZ – Association of Sustainable Community Development to take part at the European Conference on Policies for Makerspaces (part of the Interreg Europe project Urban M) which is set to take place on 6th of November at Galéria Nedbalka in Bratislava, Slovakia. The event is organized by STEAMhouse.

As part of the Interreg Europe project Urban M, partner cities have identified examples of makerspace best practice, tested policy approaches and developed action plans to ensure our cities/regions create receptive conditions for makerspaces. The cities are hoping that they will demonstrate the impact that collaborative makerspace facilities can have on innovation and establish a European network of advocates. and IRIM-Croatian Makers were selected from the City of Zagreb – Department for EU projects as best examples of practice from Croatia.
Deborah Hustic from Radiona will be the labs representative at the conference.

The keynote speaker at the conference is Joey Gottbrath from Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, UC Berkeley, San Francisco.

More details about the program here: