@ Bautopia – New European Bauhaus festival Brussels will partake at the “BauTopia”, a special side-event of the New European Bauhaus Festival organised by the European Creative Hubs Network & MakersExchange project partners. The event is taking place on 8 & 9 June 2022 in several vibrant indoor and outdoor venues in Brussels, with parts of the programme live-streamed. will be presented by Deborah Hustic within the following program:

Panel discussion
How can mobility contribute to skills development & inclusion?
Moderator: Kate Armstrong | Fab Lab Barcelona
What does the mobility of makers contribute to skills development and inclusiveness across Europe? Makers from the ‘Hyper Global, Hyper Local’ pilot mobility schemes and ‘Makers Talk Mobility’ interview series will share their experiences and discuss their needs in relation to boosting skills development and inclusivity in the CCIs in Europe.

About the event
Currently, our world is facing enormous issues, ranging from a huge environmental crisis to a new humanitarian challenge due to the war in Ukraine. The aim of this event is to explore, debate and advocate around the emerging topics of sustainability, inclusion & solidarity, through and within arts and creativity; and to raise awareness of the EU Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus movement. 

Under the title “ BauTopia” participants are invited to think and discuss in some of the following topics:

-How do creative hubs and creatives respond in emergency situations? (COVID-19, Ukrainian crisis) 
-How can mobility contribute to skills development, social inclusion and interdisciplinarity? 
-How can eco-friendly urban spaces become an instrument of social & cultural change?
-How can participatory practices & community-based arts create a fertile ground towards an inclusive & climate-resilient society?

‘BauTopia’ programme includes inspirational speeches, thought-provoking panel discussions, workshops and interactive sessions from EU policy-makers, networks and intermediary organizations, to researchers, experts, creative hub managers ,cultural and creative professionals themselves.