ORI – the animal face of Radiona

As we already know that a little bird has whispered to your ear the fact Radiona community has chosen its mascot of the organization – a badger named Ori.

The idea of a badger didn’t cook for too long, but it was also brainstormed short enough to stay fresh and with enough opportunities to include our community’s feedbacks into the idea.

ORI by Miroslav Mrva

As mentioned earlier, we wanted to stand behind this wild animal and at the same time to destigmatize it, raise awareness of the importance of conserving the biodiversity of the planet and our environment. We certainly wanted to have a face with whom we will be able to communicate much softer with children and senior citizens. Of course, in the beginning we also resorted to sweets from the internet (no, no, we left cats and puppies aside this time). Suggestions on our mailing list fell in different directions, from desert fox and capybara to raccoons, badgers, beavers, arctic foxes, opossum, and by mistake we’ve put even a platypus on the broader list.

Of course, the idea was to build a relationship with ‘our’ animal and have it somewhere in the neighbourhood, not in the Arctic, Antarctic or the wild forests of the Amazon. After researching the preferred animals, the lab was given a vote to select a smaller number of animals: badger, down, arctic fox and capybara. In the end, he defeated the badger, which had our biologists and foresters among its loudest lobbyists, and a creative and design community that supported it “in the name of common sense” – because we stick to local animals with whom we want to build stories.

European badger by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

After that, there was a proposal that the badger is designed by someone who knows us very well through work and our personalities, and that is certainly the comic colorist, designer and illustrator Miroslav Mrva Microslav. Many times in the beginning of our lab, Mrva accompanied our sneezes with electro sound boxes and DIY synths at concerts, festivals and presentations. It can be freely said that he understands the vein of the lab.

While Mrva was drawing and drawing our badger on his tablet, we started talking again on the mailing list and suggestions for throwing names for our animal, now definitely a badger with us for better or worse. Eagerly awaiting the drawn phenomenon, The One And Only.

Ivica Zdelarec: First version of MRP-015.1 #Jazavac, 2014

We must mention here that it is not the first time that a badger appears in one of our stories. The work of a hacked lawn mower in a mini remote control vehicle called MRP-015.1 # Badger of our member Ivica Zdelarec was presented twice at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum at our exhibitions, then at the Maker Fair in Ljubljana and Osijek and at a number of international conferences. Therefore, the badger has always been there all the time, it was sought after and now it is finally in the deserved position.

Ivica Zdelarec: MRP-015.1 #Jazavac, 2016

Exploring the options for the name, the suggestions that fell on the mailing list were: Lujo, Ori, Jazz, Jaz (with some variations Jazz-2000), Špula (Špula-2000), Razo and Zik-Cak.

(Can you tell from the name suggestion who is a nerd and who is a geek ?!)

At the vote, we gave members the opportunity to choose between the names Ori, Jazz or Jaz, to simplify our badger’s life. Ori won by a landslide.

European badger by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

Now, let’s explain where Ori came from and why?

Deborah: After going through all the existing name generators and the whole list of SF and Fantasy names on the internet, I spent an hour flipping through the Radiona letters in search of a catchy name of up to three letters, which is relatively easy to pronounce for everyone. I got hooked on Ori for several reasons, one was universality, lightness, cultural significance, gender neutrality and the fact that the letters were derived from the name of the organization. At that moment, potential stories for comics, picture books and animations began to swirl in my head, in which we add Ori his partner Ora, kids Ore and Oro, relative Jazo from Velebit, Dalmatian hinterland or Jahorina, cousin G.eorgie who lives in New York and is coming with a suitcase for the holidays, etc.

And now a little more about the name…

Ori or Ory occurs in several cultures around the world. Ori is a gender-neutral name in Hebrew culture that means my light. In Italian culture, Ori comes from the male name Orobello or abbreviated Oro, meaning gold from the Latin word aurum. In Hungarian culture, a name means a person from one or more places, but it is also associated with places called Or. In Japanese culture the name Ori is also gender neutral and has eight Kanji variations in its meaning, cherry blossom, pear, plum, crystal, fabric, string, string, village… In Japanese there is Kanji culture which is a set of characters derived from Chinese characters , and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of Kanji characters. The more numerous variations of Kanji, the more common the name in Japan. On the other hand, a name with very few variations in Kanji is unique and unknown to the Japanese. The list of Ori dwarves within the Norse mythology and Tolkien’s hobbit galaxy is too large to list, so we continue to dig into ‘human culture’.

ORI by Miroslav Mrva

In the African tradition and the Caribbean countries, Ori, on the other hand, occupies a high philosophical place in the tradition of the Yoruba people. Ori is a metaphysical concept in Yoruba, literally meaning a “head”, and refers to one’s spiritual intuition and destiny. It is a reflective spark of human consciousness embedded in the human essence and is therefore often personified as Orisha itself. The Yoruba religion believes that human beings can be healed both spiritually and physically by working with Orisha (spiritual Yoruba beliefs established in relation to nature and the environment) to achieve a balanced character – iwa-pele. When one has a balanced character, alignment with one’s Ori or divine self is achieved. It is also believed that Ori is worshiped as Orisha. When things are not going well, one should consult with his Ori. And for things to be right, Oriya needs to calm down. This is because it is believed that whatever someone becomes or whatever happens in someone’s life, it is because Ori has so determined, more precisely your intuition.

As you can see, we chose well by choosing a badger (which many miraculously warned us had a mostly negative connotation, which attracted us because we love outsiders and under dogs) and its proper name.

European badger by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

When we handed the badger over to Mrva, we talked to him about what we will do with the symbolism and what gender our badger will be, wanting to satisfy all sides. We were deeply stuck in the labyrinth of political correctness towards everyone, from which we were pulled out by the Mrva who cut everything off and told us: People, don’t worry, the badger is an animal. Everyone will choose what they want!

So we want to tell you, our badger Ori is there, interpret him/her/they as you want and how it suits you, as long as it is on the good, positive and tolerant side of life.

Finally, we would like to end with the sentence of our master of design Damir Prizmić Prizma: The idea with the mascot was to create a secondary identity that is not rigid like a logo, but that this being can be interpreted and appear in different forms depending on desires and sensibilities.

That would be all from us!



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