Electric Wonderland 2021

This year’s edition of Electric Wonderland 2021 is set to take place from 8th to 10th August 2021 in the Camp Velebit based in Baške Oštarije on the mountain of Velebit.

Shoot not for the stars, we already know what’s there. Shoot for the space. Inbetween. That’s where the real mystery lies. 
– Vera Rubin

Electric Wonderland is delving into a new edition of the camp in 2021 by exploring the new horizons at the Velebit mountain. EW2021 will take place in the Camp Velebit which is located in the small village of Baške Oštarije on the top of the mountain. It is surrounded by mountain peaks that reveal a view of the Adriatic islands. The camp venue and facilities are inspired by mythology and fairy-tales drawing inspiration from the old folk tradition and fantasy stories like The Hobbit or The Lords of the Rings. The facilities are built in the manner of Hobbit architecture.

Electric Wonderland 2021 is a self sustainable edition of the camp based on four topics: 

1. Sensor(ium) EW 2021 edition

Sensory activities and data – humidity, atmosphere, water, light

LoRaWan gateways and antennas connected with sensors and data readings are of special interest in our lab. During EW2021 we plan to connect sensors to nature in order to see what it wants to say to us from the perspective of its biochemical reactions and what data we can get from sensors. There will be no damage to any flora and fauna in these explorations and tests. 

2. Watch the Sky – Astrophotography and Telescopy

Just before the beginning of the camp we decided to put our hands again on the sky gazing, astrophotography and seeing what we can as citizen scientists learn and explore on the top of the mountain. We equipped ourselves with a telescope in order to get a view of the sky during all day and nights.

3. Flying Objects – Open Source Tetro by Tomás Saraceno

When we learned about the Aerocene project by Thomás Saraceno a few years ago we were eager to enter again the territory of flying objects. For a starter we will do the first experiment of making a Tetro flying object and try to lift it in the air.

4. The Art of Hiking for Electro Wanderers 

During the previous editions of Electric Wonderland we never had enough time to actually do the real hikes in the environment because we had such crowded schedules. This year we want to give ourselves enough time to explore the walks in nature, follow the signs of previous wanderers and get into hiking signalization.

The news is our blog section on the EW2021 website where we want to share and document our impressions. Follow more on: https://www.electric-wonderland.eu/

EW2021 team: Tomislava Borić, Paula Bučar, Deborah Hustić, Sandra Maglov, Goran Mahovlić, Tomislav Mikić, Layla Munitić
Camp pre-activities: TETRO Aerocene sewing by Frane Šoša

Organizer: Radiona
Partner: Camp Velebit

Organisation team
Program coordinator: Deborah Hustic
Coordinators for equipment: Goran Mahovlic, Tomislav Mikic
Hiking logistics:  Tomislava Boric
Camp logistics: Paula Bucar, Layla Munitic, Sandra Maglov

Design: Layla Munitić remixing Ivan Klisuric & Damir Prizmic
Website: Boris Vidosevic
Blogging, Photo, video: Radiona Team

Electric Wonderland edition 2021 is self-sustainable camp