Sea Horses

Dear Diary,

It seems that we live in times that are finally exposing the entanglements and merging zones between human and non-human.

Right now, most of us - at least myself for sure - have turned into "see" horses. See horses who need to passively wait for the next warm flood to arrive at their desired destinations. No active navigation possible. And although see horses are beautiful, amazing animals (non-binary, faithful and dance floor loving), they are a little short sighted. I wish our conservative government would finally open the borders to refugees, listen to their concerns and needs. Like in a hack lab, people who are present, belong to the lab, can decide on things concerning the lab and voice their critique. This is the way information keeps flowing and a community can survive. If people are now in Europe, even if in camps, they belong to Europe, they must get access to public infrastructure, food, shelter, health services, education. How can we measure the degree of digitization in the amount of apps we've got on our phones, we much rather, dear diary, need to have a close look on the amount of decentralization and democratization of media to see if we made "progress" or if some folks just made profit instead.


Sea/see horse

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