Must read books on feminist hacking

Must read books on feminist hacking

Dear Diary,

When I read a book it has to give me more courage or I leave it. In the last two years I luckily came across quite a lot of these kind of books.

So here are some I think people should check out as a source for super natural powers unleashed by courageous authors:

Ahmed, S. (2017): Living a Feminist Life. Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press

Barad, Karen: Meeting the Universe Halfway. Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning. Durham: Duke University Press, 2007

Bennett, J. (2010). Vibrant matter: A political ecology of things. Duke University Press

Braidotti, R. (2019): Posthuman knowledge. John Wiley & Sons

Butler, J. (2011): Gender trouble: Feminism and the subversion of identity. Routledge

Butler, Judith, (2004): Undoing Gender. New York: Routledge

Butler, J. (2005): Giving an Account of Oneself. Fordham: Fordham University Press

Dunaway, W. A. (Ed.). (2013):  Gendered commodity chains: Seeing women's work and households in global production. Stanford University Press

Federici,  (2004) Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation, New York: Autonomedia

Haraway, D. J. (2016): Staying with the trouble: Making kin in the Chthulucene. Duke University Press

O’Neil, Cathy, Weapons of Math Destruction. New York: Crown Books, 2016
Haraway, Donna: "Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective". In: Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: the Reinvention of Nature. New York: Routledge, 1991

hooks, b. (2000): Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center: Pluto Press

hooks, b. (1994): Teaching to Transgress, Education as the Practice of Freedom. New York: Routledge

Sollfrank, C. (2019). The Beautiful Warriors: Technofeminist Praxis in the Twenty-First Century. Minor Compositions.

Toupin, Sophie, “Feminist Hackerspaces: The synthesis of feminist and hacker cultures.”Journal of Peer Production no. 5, (2014)

Tsing, Anna (2015): The Mushroom at the End of the World. Princeton: Princeton University Press

Wajcman, Judy: “TechnoCapitalism Meets TechnoFeminism: Women and Technology in a Wireless World”, Labour & Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of work, 16:3 (2006): 7.



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