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Radiona Stereoscope / VR glasses

FIXME More flexible and robust diy stereoscopic viewer, made with easily available materijals and compatible with Google Cardboard.

Bill of materials (BOM)

laser cut plexiglass elements
biconvex lens d=34mm, f=~45mm
60mm M3 screws *
12mm M3 screws
M3 bolts 16×
M3 cap bolts *

* if 60mm screws are not available, use M3 threaded rod cut to length and 4 more M3 cap bolts at the end of each rod.

Build instructions


Adjusting screen to lens distance

Start with 50 mm and adjust if needed according to your vision and smartphone size. FIXME

Adjusting interpupillary distance

Distance between the center of the pupils of the two eyes. When measuring look at the distant object. FIXME

Profiling your Stereoscope

Use the Viewer Profile Generator to define your device's key parameters. Add the QR code to your viewer so every Cardboard app will automatically adapt to your viewer. You will need PC with which you will change parameters while looking at the calibration image on the smartphone.

If you smartphone doesn't support WebGL technology and cannot run Google Profile Generator, there are few options. For example VR Calibration for Cardboard on Android. Changes made with this tool are NOT saved anywhere and will NOT affect your smartphone's Cardboard profile directly. Once you are happy with the VR viewer parameters please visit the official Cardboard profile generator page to create a new VR viewer profile based on your discovered parameters.

Primary button type: Touch
Screen vertical alignment: Center






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